Research Methodology

Objectives of our Research and Studies. _____________________________________________________

All Research programs of SJF Bangladesh are designed with emphasis of those sectors, which are directly related to economic and social development of the country, such as poverty reduction, education, health & population, environment, human rights and social developments. Objectives of our research activities are to evaluate the present circumstances in all priority sectors related to social and economic development , education, health and other potentials of life and finding out alternatives for sustainable developments in those areas.


Methodology and Implications : _________________________________________________________

We imply methodology for making research findings effective and professional to the various users, such as government, International Agencies and other Authorities through highlighting present circumstances of the research area with reliable & elaborate information and explanations with prescription thereof. So that, research finding become helpful for better performance of our developments efforts, and at the same time government and other concerned authorities can be benefited using SJF Research Report for planning and implementing of evidence based development activities


Reports on research and studies. _________________________________________________________________________

SJF Research & Study reports are published in SJF own website alongwith other international Economic journals. Our Research Fields are mostly connected with Economic Development and Poverty Reduction, Education, Health, Human Rights, Women Empowerment and other issues related to Socio-economic Development of Bangladesh, which are as under :-

      • Development of Village Economy to enhance economic development in Bangladesh.  
      • Industrial growth and productivity need for expected economic development. 
      • Increasing revenue collection in an easiest way understandable to everybody through ensuring transparency and accountability.
      • Increasing literacy rate by raising awareness among marginalized pople.
      • Improve education standard and increase higher education participants.
      • Increase Technical & Vocational education for technology development.
      • Development of moral education and increase English efficiency among students is important for  smooth survival in the open market competition. 
      • Improving reproductive health, maternal and child health is the prime condition for health development.
      • Prevention and Protection of diseases by creating awareness among disadvantage communities.
      • Population control by creating awareness, increasing contraceptive privilege rate among rural women and impose restrictions to limit family members to 2/3. 


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