Economic Development

Economic Development and Poverty Reduction :

Despite some progress in poverty reduction and in other Index of living in the last couple of years in Bangladesh, there are still a large numbers of population of the country live under poverty line, who are extremely poor and helpless and as per BBS survey, amount of this category people in the country is about 10.5 percent in 2020 which was 17.5 percent in 2010.

Peoples of this category  have no fixed income, suffer from chronic hunger and many type of disease over the years. They have inadequate shelter, deprived from education and other potentials of life and become victims of natural & climate disaster always. Majority portion women of this category population are not involved with any economic activities, who are simply housewives dependent on income of their husbands. They are unacquainted with proper survival, violence on women and other social instability are the common phenomenon among the people of this category due to their extreme poverty. 

SJF has taken initiatives towards poverty alleviation and improvement of education, health and other potentials of life among ultra poor and marginalized people through increasing economic activities, awareness and their empowerment in the society.


Features of our Economic Development & Poverty Reduction Program :-


  • Creating economic opportunity for poor and disadvantaged people within communities, making them skills through training and provide finance under micro credit.
  • Targeting poor, ultra-poor and deprived women, making them involved with economic activities for improving their economic & social life.
    • Carrying out holistic approach to development through sustainable model by creating prospects for the disadvantaged people within the communities to overcome extreme poverty through careful selection.
    • Arrange community discussion, Orientation, workshops, seminar and other activities for creating awareness among poor and helpless women to increase economic activities for making them economically active &  empowered and raise voice about their legal rights.
    • Create Saving attitude through our specific deposit scheme among the communities by mandatory depositing a certain portion of their regular income, which can ensure their future economic stability.



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