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Education for All Program :


Education is one of the most powerful instruments for reducing poverty and inequality and lays a foundation for sustained economic growth. Education helps develop confidence, efficiency, valuation, sincerity and social awareness, which help an educated person choosing option for social and economic establishment in life and develop living standard, which contribute to the national economy in the long run.

Despite Bangladesh has obtained some progress in primary enrolment and dropout rate during the last couple of years, but it is still far behind to achieve standard education progress comparing to other developing countries in Asia. There are still 17.5 percent population live under poverty line and 80 percent out of this population live in rural areas who have no capabilities of sending their children to school in time due to their extreme poverty. On the other hand, there are still insufficient schools and teaching facilities in rural areas comparing to rapid growing population in the country.               ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Features of Our Education for All Program :- _____________________________________________________________________________________

      •  Creating awareness about education among poor and disadvantaged people for sending their children to school in due age.
      • Provide support for reducing dropout at primary and secondary level and increase enrolment and completion rate at higher education.
      • Increase higher education by offering Scholarships to poor talented students for uninterrupted higher education, distribute free education materials among poor and disadvantaged students and giving welcome, awards and certificates to the students completed education with brilliant results at different levels of education.
      • Working jointly with the government to facilitate free education system up to degree level with imposing mandatory to earn H.S.C or Equivalent certificate for every citizen.
      • Provide technical, vocational and other training with special attention to adolescent and youth for their skills development beside study.
      • Provide routine medical check up, immunization and other health related programs in the education institutions to ensure good health for the students.
      • Setting up School, College and University to facilitate disadvantaged students and education growth in the country.
      • Conduct Research & Study on development of education standard & quality and improve education facilities in the country.



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