Social Mobilization Initiatives

Social Mobilization Initiatives. __________________________________________________

Mobilization of social mentality of all levels and creating helping attitude among civil society, policy makers and rich persons to disadvantaged population in the society for bringing positive changes in their economic and livelihood, is important beside government initiatives. Government must consider this social mobilization among policies, activities, budget allocation and by creating awareness among government officials.

We are dedicated to mobilization in social attitude, change behavior by creating awareness and responsibility among people of all levels for sustainable social development, are consisted of the following :-

      • Create awareness among people of all levels in the society to mobilize their attitude to come up with helping mod to bring positive changed in economic and livelihood of disadvantaged people.
      • Increase awareness among business societies for creating “Corporate Social Responsibility” to  contribute towards development of education, health and shelter of the poor and marginalized people.
      • Arrange meeting, seminar etc. to influence policy makers, government and other concerns for increasing training & rehabilitation facilities for making disadvantaged people as an skilled manpower and ensure development of their livelihood.
      • Create awareness among people of all levels to ensure gender equalities, establish women empowerment and reduce violence on women in the society.
      • Create awareness among the communities and influence the government and law enforcing agencies to ensure human rights in their activities.
      • Establish equal opportunity for all in health, education, shelter and other potentials.

Asking Support.

We always welcome Institutional donors working locally and internationally, government and other humanitarian Organizations to collaborate with us for the activities within our territories and provide financial and other support for expanding our activities over the country among poorest and disadvantaged population.

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